Tort-Tacular - A District Court Judge -- Brian Mark Cogan

-- who threatens attorneys for responding to papers served by the U.S. Government, alters the record and
refuses to correct his own material misrepresentations in his own decisions while repeatedly violating federal law?

What others say about Cogan : The Robing Room says:

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Another party aggrieved by Cogan sums it up nicely

"He falls presently – from greater heights still than Icarus, Phaethon, or even the brightest angel, who plunged as all favorites must. Article III could not have contemplated a more abysmal descent, although Yates predicted it. Indeed, if Judge Cogan had simply applied the laws and rules of the Constitution with the slightest tincture of good faith, I would not be finishing up a 30-page exposition detailing misconduct that would subject any other federal judge to impeachment by the U.S. Congress, if not indictment by the U.S. Department of Justice.”(

INSPIRED BY :The ruthless actions of liar/cheat/felon/traitor EDNY Judge Brian Cogan

We were busy running a theater, The Brooklyn Lyceum, when he decided that his oaths, the constitution, the amendments, Second Circuit precedents, Supreme Court precedents, Federal Law, Federal Rules of Evidence, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Local Rules, Fed. Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, Bankruptcy Local Rules, Logic and Common Sense were all optional. We fight until we can get back to running the Brooklyn Lyceum. Till then we will do what it takes, no matter the personal effort or time or expense, to stop Judge Brian Cogan and others like him.

Demons Run

Demons run ...
----When a good man goes to war--
Night will fall and drown the sun
----When a good man goes to war--
Friendship dies and true love lies
Night will fall and the dark will rise
----When a good man goes to war--
Demons run, but count the cost
The battle's won, but the child is lost
----When a good man goes to war--
from "A Good Man Goes to War" -Doctor Who


We would rather be working on our theater ( than blowing holes in the judicial firmament large enough for everyone to see and use. But this is where we find ourselves and where we must make a stand until such time as what was supposed to happen, happens.
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